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As an open admissions university, DSU welcomes all students – regardless of experience and academic preparation. We can help you blaze a trail toward your career and educational goals.



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    • Identify a program based on your interest and degree level.

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    • Whatever your financial situation, DSU works to ensure that you can access a high-quality education. There are several ways to invest successfully in your future. Explore aid options.

You Can Transfer Credits and Previous Degrees

    • If you are transferring credits to DSU, use the Transfer Guide to simplify the process. A program advisor can help identify which credits can be applied to your selected program.

Seek Prior Learning Credit

  • Learning can occur beyond a classroom. Connect with your program advisor to see if you can apply previous skill toward your selected program.


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  • Submit any required supplemental items such as transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation.
  • Contact the advisor for your specific program.
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