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Schedule a time to meet with a Learning Designer to discuss effective ways to apply active learning and improve the overall design of a course.

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Conduct a self-review or work with a colleague to review a course with established quality standards.

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Design a Course

Create or redesign a course for online or blended delivery. Funding available to eligible faculty.

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Enroll in the Online Teaching Certification (OTC) course to advance your teaching skills and be eligible to teach online.

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Design Support: Explore Ideas

You have an idea. We have solutions. Let’s work together to explore ideas to apply active learning in the digital classroom.

With more than 70 combined years of experience, our team of learning designers and technologists are ready to assist you. Our designers have experience teaching in traditional and/or online classrooms, and each designer holds a graduate degree in learning science, instructional design, or education (some with terminal degrees).

Meet with a Designer

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Deb Chittur


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Jordan Ellsworth


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Huck Stewart


Course Design: From Plan to Pilot


Faculty Testimonials

Designing a course for online or blended delivery is a complex activity that requires a different approach than the traditional classroom. A backwards design process is used to ensure that the learning outcomes are achieved and aligned with learning activities and resources.

The course development process is a collaborative team effort that includes the following team members:

  • Faculty Lead
  • Learning Designer
  • Peer Reviewers (including the Department Chair and/or Program Coordinator or Director)
  • Project Manager
  • Technologists
  • Library Specialists
design process

Development Process

The development process is comprised of 4 phases: planning, design, development and pilot.

Course development compensation is available to eligible faculty according to approved course credit hours. Payments are associated with specific deliverables associated with the design, development, and pilot phases of the project.

NOTE: Priority is given to courses that are associated with online or blended programs and gateway or high-enrolled courses where master course designs are applied.


Timeline: 2-3 weeks


  • Organize Team
  • Project Agreement
  • Kick-Off Meeting


Timeline: 3-5 weeks


  • Design Plan
  • Prototype Module
  • Design Review

Payment 1: $400 – 800


Timeline: Up to 6 months


  • Module Development
  • Instructor Notes
  • Department Review

Payment 2: $1,200 – 2,400



Timeline: Initial Semester/Term


  • Course Revisions
  • Instructor Notes
  • Student/Peer Review

Payment 3: $400 – 800

Let's Work Together

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Dr. Joshua Holt

Learning Design & Development

Email: joshua.holt@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4669
Office: INNOV 193

Digital Teaching Support: Hone Your Skills

Digital teaching requires a unique set of skills. While some strategies of in-person teaching may transfer to the digital classroom, most require a new approach.

As noted in our university mission, we value open and inclusive teaching. To this end, we are here to help you share, collaborate, and connect with others to learn effective strategies to engage your students.

Online Teaching Certification

Designed by and for faculty who have been assigned to teach an online or blended course at the university.

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Course Review

Identify how a course stacks up to established quality standards.

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Peer Reviewer Certification

Currently in development. Directed at full-time faculty interested in being a peer reviewer for online or blended courses. Application and training required. $250/review.

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You are not alone

Connect with Teri.

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Dr. Teri Brandenburg

Quality & Training

Email: teri.brandenburg@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4728
Office: INNOV 192

Digital Tools: Leverage Technology

DXL sponsors several digital tools and applications to assist with teaching in the digital learning environment. Take advantage of these tools to engage and assess the learning of your students.


Embedded directly in Canvas, Ally helps you improve the accessibility of course materials.


Easily create course templates and a common design across a program or individual course.


A web conferencing application for real-time discussion, offices hours, and meetings.


Closed captioning service available to help caption a video(s).


A remote exam proctoring service available for all online course sections.


A tool for creating online, engaging active learning activities.

Work Smarter

Talk with Ethan.

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Ethan Deceuster

Project Manager

Email: ethan.deceuster@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4828
Office: INNOV 191

Member Partnerships

We proudly partner with organizations to leverage the latest research, best practices, and strategies in advancing flexible programs and digital learning throughout the university.

A few of our current partners are listed below.


Partner With Us

Talk with Ryan.

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Ryan Hobbs

Executive Director

Email: ryan.hobbs@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4653
Office: INNOV 194